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Patient information

Patient information

Vaginal surgery with urogynecology:

A large number of women have a problem of unvoluntary urinary loss after the age of 40. Unfortunately, most of them do not seek medical attention because of the shame or lack of information about possible treatments. Fortunately enough, this problem can be solved by simple surgical procedures with a high percentage of success.

Moreover, most women in mature age suffer from pelvic organ prolapse (urinary bladder, uterus and rectum) as a consequence of giving birth. The quality of life is significantly impaired. This problem can also be solved surgically, throughout vagina, without making abdominal incisions, and therefore the impaired function of pelvis organs will be restored, as well as esthetics.


Types of vaginal surgeries:

  • Stress urinary incontinence treatment (unvoluntary urinary loss when making an effort – coughing, sneezing, changing the position, running) – mid-urethral sling (tape insertion)
  • Treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and prolapse of vaginal walls:
  • Urinary bladder prolapse, prolapse of anterior vaginal wall (cystocele)– anterior colporrhaphy or correction of the bladder prolapse by MESH insertion
  • Prolapse of cervix or the entire uterus – cervix amputation or vaginal hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus through the vaginal route) with or without adnexectomy (surgical removal of ovaries)
  • Posterior vaginal wall prolapse (rectocele) – posterior colporrhaphy or correction of the prolapse by MESH insertion
  • Perineum correction -  perineorrhaphy


Activities of the Urogynecological Board of the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics KCS:

Our Clinic has organized the work of Urogynecological Board, which consists of the experts in this field. The task of this Board is to make a precise diagnosis and to choose the best possible treatment for you. You can arrange to be examined by this Board with a refferal from the competent Health Center.